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The dining room is also called the Schrade Room because of a large monetary donation given by the Schrade Family for the restoration of the room. Chair rails were copied from a small piece that was still in place on the north wall. The furnishings in this room are of the Empire Period. One of the distinguishing features of this period can be seen on the sideboard, the use of animal paw designs on the legs of the furniture and animal heads with nose rings as drawer pulls. On the top of the side board are two rare knife boxes that date to about 1790. The design in the cover is inlaid wood, not painted; the latch and feet are finely wrought silver.

Also on the sideboard is a Staffordshire platter with a Hudson River scene on it (or a canton bowl given by Mrs. Embler-Hill in memory of G.S. Millspaugh).

Over the sideboard is a portrait of Dr. David Fowler (1755-1835), an early Newburgh physician. The other portrait is that of Capt. Thomas W. Bradley, a member of the famed "Orange Blossoms"--Company H (Walden) of the 124th regiment of New York State Volunteers raised during the Civil War and later a great benefactor of the Village of Walden.

Other items of interest:

  • Sheraton card table with reeded legs
  • Empire mahogany dining room chairs with lyre backs
  • Box on legs is an early wine/brandy cabinet











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Definition: Empire Period
The Empire style overlaps the Federal Era and dates from 1820 to 1860. The period is officially known as Greek Revival, which was the exterior architectural style of the period.

Definition: Sideboard
A sideboard is an item of furniture. Originally, as indicated by its name, a sideboard would have been used for serving food, but it came to be a household object found in a living room, where items such as books or ornaments might be found. It is now almost obsolete.

Definition: Orange Blossoms
The 124th New York State Volunteers from Orange County, New York
During the Civil War, there were 567 casualties from the
124th NYSV "Orange Blossoms" during the period 1861-1865. A Medals of Honor was Granted by the President to:

BRADLEY, THOMAS W., Sergeant, Company H (Walden), and Captain, Company B (Goshen), for great gallantry at the battle of Chancellorsvill, Va., May 3, 1863.

Definition: reeded
Furniture term: An edge with a profile consisting of a series of parallel convex moldings, each of which called a reed. Reeding is the reverse of fluting.

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