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Within the archives of the Historical Society of Walden and the Wallkill Valley, we have several boxes of unidentified and undated old photos. If you see someone or recognize a location, please let us know! And this is a good time for a reminder that it is so important to identify names and dates on YOUR family photos for future generations to enjoy...

Photo found in our Book Archive Room - May 2019
The back reads: "To Lola Love Phil" -

No other info. Does anyone recognize this gentleman?

Class of 1942--Walden High School (a few names updated 7-31-13)

Thank you to Mary Calley Henry (Mrs. Don Henry) who donated this photo of the Walden High School, Class of 1942. Former Trustee, Don Henry, is the smiling fellow with the bandaged head in the second row! Along with this photo, she donated several issues of the Nedlaw yearbook from 1939, 1940, 1941, ("No yearbook in '42 because of the war," said Mary), and 1943. Larger PDF of this file--to download, "right click" your mouse to save to your own computer.

Any with a question mark are best guesses. Let us know if you recognize anyone.
Back row: Wilbur Sutton; Ritter Decker; Howard Starr; Roy Stevens; Gus Peterson; Art Agor; Ed Christ;
Bob Rauner; Clarles Playne; Tom Verity; Clarence Walsh; __?__.
3rd row: __?__; __?__; Betty Birch; __?__; __?__; __?__; __?__; __?__; __?__; __?__; Helen Purvis?
2nd row: __?__; __?__; Elsie Polhamus? __?__; __?__; Duane Dittman __?__; Don Henry; __?__; __?__; Faith Booth?; __?__
1st row: Vriginia Terwilliger? __?__; __?__; Edith Antelek; __?__; __?__; __?__; __?__

Walden Ladies--possibly Eastern Stars

This handsome group of Waldenites, might be the Eastern Stars group, the women members of the Masons. So many faces look familiar--but we have no names or date. Please do let us know if anyone looks familiar. 

Two photos appear to be of the same house and family. Undated and no further info.

These two photos show "E Móller, Fotografisk Atelier, Kjöbenhavn, 37, Frederiksborggade 37" printed on the reverse, with one handwritten note on the back of the family picture reading, "Onboard S/S C.F. TIETJEN, October 1907"

This photo from our archive appears to be a construction site. Someone at a later time added a note that this may be the Borden Home. Look Familiar? We would love to hear from you!


A lovely afternoon get-together on a porch. No names or dates--anyone know this family or the house?

This one may be of employees of one of the knife shops. Interesting equipment behind them.
Several women in the background...

We would like to hear from you!

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